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    Ephesus was established as a harbor on the mouth of the river Cayster and was one of the principal cities of the world for its being on an important trade route in Anatolia.
    Ephesus itself and the remains are all on the sides of a fertile valley. The vast ruins including the theatre, library or gymnasium create the unique atmosphere of Ephesus and interest to every visitors.
    Ephesus has been a "capital" during the date. Once a trade center of the prehistoric world, a spiritual heart of the first Christianity and today, a different tourism center showing all its perfects to the visitors through the world.
    The linguists believe that the word "Ephesus" originated from "Apasas." The town of Apasas under the control of Ahhiyava Kingdom stated in the written reports of Hittites of the 14th and 13th eras BC is Ephesus.
You will enter the ancient site at the Magnesia Gate and begin a slow walk downhill, being guided through the ruins of the Roman provincial capital. The tour makes its way past the amazing features of Ephesus including the Odem, the Celsius Library, the Temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Great Theatre.

Ephesus Tour

Full Day | By Bus
Price:45 €
We depart for Priene, the first grid-system planned city of the ancient World, which is built on a hillside. Visit the theatre, the temple of Athena, the Bouleterium, the Agora, and the Altar of Zeus and Cybele. Proceed to Miletus, the home of the Thales, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher known for his innovative use of geometry.

Priene | Miletus| Didyma

Full Day | By Bus
Price:70 €
Depart from your hotel for an enjoyable drive along the local farms to reach Sirince, a little village located in the hills at about 350 metres. It was predominantly a Greek village before the First World War. Stroll through the narrow streets and beautifully decorated houses.
sirince village

Sirince Tour

Half Day | By Bus
Price:40 €
We will visit the remains of the ancient city of Pergamum including the Royal Palaces, Temple of Trajan, Sanctuary of Athena, Library of Pergamum, Theatre and The Theatre Terrace, Altar of Zeus, Heroon, Arsenal, Upper Agora, Water Supply Canals, Sanctuary of Demeter, Sanctuary of Hera and Upper Gymnasium, Gymnasium, Lower and Middle Terraces.
pergamon acropolis

Pergamon | Ascilepion

Full Day | By Bus
Price: 85 €
Have you ever thought about spending a day on a boat sailing around the beautiful coastline of Marmaris? Well here is your chance. Swimming off the boat into crystal coloured waters, sunbathing on the top deck of the boat and stepping off onto the hidden and untouched shorelines of the Marmaris is an ideal way to spend a lovely summer’s day.
marmaris boat trip

Marmaris Boat Trip

Full Day | By Boat
Price:35 €
The remains of Ephesus bring visitors from all over the world. Every year nearly two million travelers tour this open-air museum.
temple of hadrian

Private Ephesus Tour

1 Day | 0 Nights | By Bus
Price:Please Ask €

Ephesus Packages Depart From Istanbul

Witness one of Turkey’s greatest natural wonders and its most iconic archaeological site on this pleasant 2-day Ephesus & Pamukkale Tours from Istanbul. Travel by plane and meet an expert guide, and visit Ephesus, one of the Mediterranean’s best-preserved ancient cities.

Ephesus & Pamukkale Tours from Istanbul

2 Days | 1 Night | by plane
Price: 290 €
Guests fly to Izmir from Istanbul. Upon arrival you will be transported to the office in Ephesus. You will enter the ancient site at the Magnesia Gate and begin a slow walk downhill, being guided through the ruins if the Roman povincial capital. more..
temple of artemis

Daily Ephesus Tour from Istanbul

Full Day | By Plane
Price: 240 €

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